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Nitrogen Pumping Services In Alberta & British Columbia

Bringing Goliath’s Precision and Safety to Nitrogen Pumping in Alberta and British Columbia

You have your choice of nitrogen pumping services in the oil and gas industry, but only Goliath can boast a 14-year flawless safety record across Alberta and British Columbia. Our attention to detail and commitment to safety not only affords us unheard-of safety standards for the industry, but it also allows us to conduct every job with the utmost efficiency and reliability.

When we saw demand for technologically advanced nitrogen services, we were insistent on
carrying over the elevated standards you’ve come to trust from Goliath — that means highly trained and professional staff, state-of-the-art purpose built equipment, and a razor-sharp eye for detail.

Goliath's Nitrogen Pumping Commitment to Excellence

When it comes to fulfilling your needs in some of the toughest environments in Canada, Goliath has the equipment you need to get your project done.

Goliath’s nitrogen pumps are available across Alberta and BC, including Grande Prairie, Red Deer, and Fort St. John, ensuring we can get to your job quickly and efficiently. To provide full assurance of our support, Goliath offers 24/7 mobile mechanical assistance, ensuring minimal downtime in the unlikely event of failure. We’re with you to get the job done – no questions.

Goliath Nitrogen Pumper Equipment Specifications

Goliath nitrogen pumps are designed specifically to handle the rigours of nitrogen pumping in the oil and gas sector throughout Alberta and British Columbia. State-of-the-art features like fully wireless remote operation are standard, giving customers the option to monitor ongoing operations whether you are onsite or in the office.

Our advanced nitrogen pumping equipment features:

  • Fully wireless, remote operating and diagnostic capabilities, meaning you can monitor any job, from anywhere with even a 3G cellular connection.
  • Comprehensive heat recovery, meaning no open flames during operation.
  • 10,000psi operating pressure to make light work of any job.
  • 5-85scm rate capability for optimal performance.
  • -20°C to 70°C temperature capability for every environment possible.
  • Pumper tanks carry 7,000scm of usable nitrogen for operational peace of mind.
  • Can meet 75% and 90% road bans
  • Nitrogen bulkers can transport up to 23,000scm of product at a time, providing convenient onsite storage when necessary.

Downhole Services Capabilities

Goliath’s downhole services are comprehensive, and ready to serve your
operational needs wherever you might be in Alberta and British Columbia. Our nitrogen supervisors are highly trained and ready to tackle any job. Our pumpers
are the most advanced in the oil and gas industry, ensuring safe and reliable nitrogen services on every job.

Goliath’s downhole service include (but are not limited to):

  • Artificial gas lift operations.
  • Blankets.
  • Bull-heading and pressure ups.
  • Burst discs.
  • Coil tubing applications.
  • Nitrified fluid treatments.
  • Pressure testing.
  • Underbalanced milling assist.
  • Well bore displacement and circulation.

Pipeline and Plant Services

Goliath also offers nitrogen services for any pipeline or plant environment across British Columbia and Alberta. Our nitrogen equipment is fully-equipped to handle your nitrogen needs in any scenario, ensuring your project is safe and efficient.

Goliath’s pipeline and nitrogen services include:

  • Oxygen/hydrocarbon displacement.
  • Pipeline line commissioning, suspension, and abandonments.
  • Pipeline pigging/smart pigging.
  • Pressure ups and line drying.
  • Vessel Purging.

Nitrogen Services Brochure

Nitrogen Pumping Rates

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Goliath is a specialized, attentive company that appreciates the value in every customer we serve. With a fleet of modern pumps designed specifically for use in the oil and gas industry, 24 hours dispatch and technical support, and round-the-clock mechanical support, we can get any job done quickly, cost-effectively, and most importantly, safely.

Contact us today to learn more about our nitrogen pump equipment capabilities, and how we can help with your operational needs.


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