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Fluid pumping, heating and hot oiling serving Alberta & British Columbia

Fluid Pumping & Hot Oiling

Goliath’s Unrivaled Attention to Detail Brought to the Pumping Sector

Goliath has worked tirelessly for over 14 years to maintain a flawless safety record across Alberta and British Columbia. We could have chosen to simply meet all the required safety and regulatory standards, but we chose to exceed them as much as humanly and mechanically possible.

That means a relentless dedication to monitoring even the smallest detail, the highest level of staff training available, and state of the art heavy equipment. All working in concert to meet your unique production goals, schedule, and budget.

So when we saw the opportunity to provide our clients with fluid pumping, heating and hot oiling services, we took that same no-compromise attitude and created Goliath’s Pumping Division to serve in areas like Grande Prairie, Red Deer, and Fort St. John.

Heating & Hot Oiling

Utilize Goliath’s expertise and experience you’ve come to trust in a different setting.

We perform upstream and midstream dewaxing down your annulus, tubing, pipelines, tanks and surface lines across BC and Alberta. We offer 12.5 mm/btu – 5.5 mm/btu burners in tri-drive configurations so we can easily meet 75% road bans.

Our lead operator has over 14 years field hot oiling experience and with him we have created an industry-leading training program to create the next generation of professional hot oiler operators.

In addition, we offer zero-entry tank cleaning for your plant turnarounds including chemical and solvent washing and sales. If you require any heating or hot oiling services, whether you are in Red Deer, Grande Prairie, or Fort St. John, we can help you.

Fluid Pumping

The Perfect Complement to Snubbing

In recent years Goliath has shifted focus towards the more specialized drill-out and heavy hook fishing market, so we created our pumping division to complement our snubbing services in Alberta and BC. This provides our clients with a more inclusive millout package, including milling out composite plugs post-frac on deep/long lateral oil and gas wells.

All of our pumps are interchangeable and can be paired up with one of our snubbing units in the event of a pump failure. This allows us to minimize downtime and keep productivity to a maximum.

In addition to snubbing support ops we have fluid pumps for 5-15k pressure work including real-time data acquisition and engineered iron restraints rated to 15000 psi (103.4 mpa) including engineered tie points to ensure we are fully compliant to the highest safety standard.

  • Pressure testing up to 15000 psi (103.4 mpa) with an included graph of all tests.
  • Coil tubing – Pumping support for CT ops including mixing pills such as friction reducer or gel sweeps.
  • Abandonment Support – Pressure testing, flushes, dewaxing, pumping acid.
  • DFIT (Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test) – Up to 1 m3/min and pressures up to 15000 psi (103.4 mpa).
  • Frac support – Pumpdowns, holding back pressure, pressure testing frac heads and surface lines.

Our pumping division allows us to utilize our current relationships with clients to diversify into production, abandonment, and facilities work. All of which brings Goliath closer to our goal of being an end-to-end well intervention solution for our clients – whether they be in Northern B.C, (Dawson Creek, Fort St. John) or Northern Alberta (Grande Prairie, Hinton, Whitecourt) or in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan (coming soon).

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Fluid Pumping, Heating & Hot Oiling Rates

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Are you seeking the most reliable and high-performance snubbing team for your well or oilfield? Goliath Pumping Division is proud to offer industry-competitive rates, making it easier than ever to secure Pumping Services you can depend on every time.

With Goliath Pumping, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or safety while still getting the best fluid pumping crew by your side. It’s the perfect combination of expertise, field capability, deliverable results, and affordability!


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