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    Division Applying For (Snubbing, Nitrogen, Pumping, Snubbing USA)

    Position Applying For (Assistant, Operator, Supervisor, Driver, Pump-Hand, Mechanic)

    Tickets and Training (H2S, Fit Test, First Aid, Fall Arrest, Rig Rescue, Oilfield Driver Averseness, CSO, Boom Truck Crane certificate)

    Class of your Driver License

    Current Demerit Points (Driver Abstract)

    Years Consecutively Licensed


    How did you hear about us?

    Have you ever worked for Goliath?

    Date available:

    Are you use to staying in different locations nightly (camp, Hotel, Crew house)?

    Can you work in Canadian Climate (hot, rain, snow, etc.)?

    Are you able to do a physically demanding tasks (lifting, Pulling, Pushing, Climbing)?

    Do you have mechanical experience?

    Are you good with wrenches/tools?

    What are your hobbies?

    5 - CORE Values
    Please rate yourself on a scale 1-10 in the following areas by sliding the level to the left or right based on how well you align with our values.

    1. Quick Learner
    I’m hungry for achievement, easy to train and committed to self improvement.

    2. Sense of Humor
    I am fun, motivational, uplifting, easy to get along with, down to earth, and humble.

    3. Integrity
    I am trustworthy, accountable, reliable, and respectful.

    4. Can-do Attitude
    I am hard working, overcome odds, am solution focused and adaptable.

    5. Committed
    I act for the greater good, put the company first, care about the job, take pride in my work, focus on team success and demonstrate loyalty.

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